HorrorCon- A One of a Kind Film Festival, Marketplace & Fan Convention all in one!

Horror is more than just a movie genre, a costume, or the feeling of fear. Horror something that brings people together, allowing them to be themselves while sharing the uniqueness that sets them apart. HorrorCon will be the premier event for all things horror- uniquely bringing together Film Festival, Film Marketplace, Fan Convention, and Horror Expo all in one location. HorrorCon’s mission is to empower fans, filmmakers, and creators to connect, collaborate and grow professionally through the lens of indie horror and thriller productions. 

HorrorCon will be For the Fans, by the Fans! We are already gathering feedback from fans on what they want to see. This isn’t just fun for us- it’s for you! Share your thoughts here!

Event highlights include: opening night concert, green carpet and opening gala, film festival, black tie awards dinner, numerous activities / experiences, exposition, movie lounge, VR arcade and SO MUCH MORE! 

An open and comfortable trade show floor with attention grabbing booths will be just one of the differences HorrorCon brings to the typical Con experience. Attendees will become part of the conversation at sessions- not just a spectator! HorrorCon is all about connection so say goodbye to boring theatre style set with head tables and say hello to a fully immersive experience! Haunted mazes and escape rooms will trigger your flight or fight response. Checkout our “Put Yourself in the Movie” experience and take photos and videos in replica sets of classic horror movies. The horror themed fun will surround you at HorrorCon. Beckoning from the back of the exhibit hall, a brightly lit dome will create excitement and intrigue. Our 50-foot shared Virtual Reality experience will ensnare your mind in our distinct alternate reality. 

Fans will be able to connect with creators in a whole new way at HorrorCon, giving their input and sharing their experience with creators making way for truly personalized entertainment.

HorrorCon will be the place for creators to connect with producers and buyers. Our distinctive approach to the Film Marketplace will ensure that your creative projects get the attention of the right producer / buyer, regardless of what stage your project is in. 

The HorrorCon Film Festival will have its own unique twist- the judges will be the filmmaker’s own peers! Awards will be presented to winning filmmakers in multiple categories, including $100,000 for the best VR short to make it into a full-length film! Every year, a film will be chosen to be celebrated for its contribution to the genre and a tribute award will be presented. 

HorrorCon Launch Pad will be a unique track of sessions to help creatives hone their skills and bring their artistic vision to market. Attend courses and seminars with top filmmakers and industry experts to learn hands on skills! From networking and film finance to special effects makeup and costume design, the skills you will develop at HorrorCon will take you to the next level! 

Another unique feature will be the production of a full-length feature Horror film at HorrorCon. Attendees will be the stars of the show and fans will be able to work on all portions of the project and get one on one mentorship from industry leaders. It won’t just be about acting in the movie, but learning first-hand how to shoot film, direct, edit, and use the skills that you learned during the Launch Pad sessions.

HorrorCon is not just about money and consumerism. We believe strongly in giving back and making our communities a better place. We will be setting up a foundation and supporting several humanitarian projects at all annual events. Instead of the standard “red carpet,” HorrorCon will roll out the green carpet bringing attention to our strong support for the eco system and climate change. We will also be implementing green initiatives throughout the event in order to reduce the negative impact on the environment that conventions can have. Be part of our community!

HorrorCon.com will be a virtual community that offers so much more than any convention website you’ve ever seen before. This is not just the typical online version of a program booklet that you are used to seeing! When it comes to the physical event, through our site, members of the HorrorCon community will be able to manage their event schedule, receive up to the minute changes and connect with other attendees. 

Year round, HorrorCon.com will host watch parties with your favorite celebs, virtual classes on skills you need in the film making industry, and more. Artists, Writers and Film Makers will be able to showcase their work and get feedback from fans. Members of the community will be able to buy and sell memorabilia, collectibles, artwork and more. They will also be able to interact and connect over shared interests, bringing the horror community together to a place they can call home. 

The features of HorrorCon.com are endless!

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